Keeping your roof in tip top shape is key to getting the most life out of it. If problems are spotted early, maintenance can prevent future leaks and damage from occurring. Here at RJC Roofing we provide a General roof maintenance service where we will come out to your house and do a complete roof inspection, roof cleaning, and seal all needed flashing.

Service includes:

  • Removal of any collected leaves or tree debris over entire roof
  • Complete re-seal of all needed pipe flashing
  • Re-nailing of any loose shingles or flashing
  • Securing loose chimney caps and re sealing chimney flashing
  • Check for adequate roof ventilation
  • Gutter and downspout cleaning (added cost)
  • Complete roof inspection and detailed information on roofs overall condition

Price: $190.00

If you are interested in this service please fill out this estimate form.

Got Heat? Go Solar!

We Install Solar Attic Fans!

We install high quality Sunrise Solar brand attic fans to all type of roofs. New roof or old, we can measure your attic space and install the right size solar attic fan to start cooling your attic space. These wonderful effective fans use 100% green energy and are whisper quiet.

Say goodbye to that old energy hogging rattle trap electric attic fan and go green with an RJC Roofing installed Sunrise Solar solar attic fan.